FBGs are an enabling technology that has demonstrated its usefulness in the deployment of optical networks. As an example, pump lockers are critical to lock and stabilize pump lasers driving Erbium doped optical amplifiers. Other applications in signal shaping, filtering, and optical transmission channels identification continue to grow as well.

Test and Measurement equipment for telecom also benefit from FBGs. Our FBGs are used as a wavelength reference components, such FBGs are a useful and integral part of the optical circuits for instruments such as optical spectrum analyzers (OSA), optical performance monitors (OPM) for wavelength division multiplexing systems  (CWDM, WDM, DWDM, and UDWDM), and others.

Using Technica’s proprietary technology and streamlined manufacturing process, our company has a unique capability to develop FBGs with high yield, high quality, and better performance to cost ratio. Additionally, Technica’s industrial grade manufacturing operation is designed for scalability while ensuring  repeatable quality FBGs for our higher-volume demanding customers.

Relevant products:

T10 and T20 as core sensor construction elements,

T40 for WDM filtering on the ITU channel plan

T50 for wave-locker applications

T60 for extremely tight spaces

T70 for signal shaping using chirped FBGs

T95 as athermal wavelength reference