T95 Athermal FBG, Std/Mini Devices, Single/Double Ended



The T95 is a Wavelength Reference consisting of a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) encapsulated in a package that contains advanced materials effective at providing passive temperature compensation by matching the
coefficient of temperature expansion (CTE) of the FBG’s fiber.

The T95 FBG is embedded in single-mode (SM) fiber. Typically, when changes of temperature occur and the fiber FBG expands, the center wavelength of the FBG shifts as well. In the case of this Athermal Packaged FBG, the compensation material bonded to and surrounding the FBG fiber shrinks proportionally to the expansion of the FBG fiber to yield a passively temperature compensated FBG device. Our precision athermal packaging yields excellent wavelength stability over the temperature range of interest. Available in standard and mini packaging and in a wide range of optical specifications.

The T95 FBG is designed to make handling and installation fast, easy and intuitive. It delivers the many advantages inherent to all FBG based devices.

Key Features:

Temperature Stability and Low Insertion Loss. The precision made FBG written into the fiber is packaged together with the compensating material by using carefully selected bonding materials to yield a low-loss,
stable & reliable device used industrially.

Standard and Mini Packaging and Wide Range of Optical Specifications. Technica specializes in the development and production of Fiber Bragg Gratings and availability has now expanded to a wide range of optical specifications in the T95 athermal packages. Well suited for projects that include the need for a stable wavelength reference device as a stand alone component, or to be used in tandem with absolute wavelength reference devices such as gas cells. The T95 is a rugged low-cost Athermal Packaged FBG with stable operation for highly accurate long-term use. Inquire with us about custom packaging options for integration into customer designs.

Proven field performance. The T95 Athermal FBG has been in production for several years and continues to receive excellent customer feedback. Currently installed in various applications with practically no returns since its initial release.