T80 Radiation Hard & Radiation Proof FBG



The T80 is a family of radiation resistant and radiation proof Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) available in a wide range of optical specifications. Naturally embedded directly in Radiation Resistant Bend Insensitive Fibers or in Pure Silica Fibers based on customer needs, these sensors are ultrasmall, designed for tight spaces and minimal intrusion.

The T80 optical sensor consists of a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensing element embedded in single mode polyimide coated fiber or in pure silica fiber. The sensor yields excellent wavelength to temperature and wavelength to strain linearity. Its sub-millisecond response time also makes it useful for industrial process control in nuclear energy plants, nuclear storage facilities, medical applications, and other radiation environments.

The T80 FBG is designed to make handling and installation fast, easy and intuitive. It delivers the many advantages inherent to all FBG based sensors. Equally sensitive to most traditional strain and temperature sensors but immune to EMI. The FBG specifications listed herein represent the most popular configurations. Many optical and physical variations are available.

Key Features:

Temperature and Strain Linearity. The precision made FBG structure employed in producing the T80 family of sensors yields a simple transducer configuration of high resolution, linearity, and measurement repeatability.

Easy to daisy-chain. Well suited for projects that include the need to monitor many points as the T80s can be provided as singe FBGs or in FBG Arrays of various lengths and with a flexible number of FBGs, as defined by the customer’s application.

Easy installation. The original design makes handling and installation a breeze. Fastening methods include simple fiber bonding, laying, or embedding.

Low cost options and long lifetime. The T80 was designed for projects in radiation environments that require both the availability of rugged low-cost FBGs and stable operation for highly accurate measurements over the long-term. Low-cost reliable FBGs in bendinsensitive radiation resistant fibers. Premium grade FBGs in pure silica radiation proof fibers.

Proven field performance. The T80 sensor has been in production for several years and continues to receive excellent customer feedback. Currently installed in applications worldwide with practically no returns since its initial release.


Applications in Nuclear Energy, Medical Radiation, and other Radiation Environments.