New MX Family of Industrial Grade Optical Sensing Instruments

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MX Interrogators

FEMTO SENSING INTERNATIONAL (FSI) releases its New MX family of industrial grade high reliability optical sensing instruments for economy budget Fiber Bragg Grating applications.

The MX family of interrogators is designed to serve industrial applications, but it is also well suited for the full range of other markets where Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensors are used, including civil and geotechnical engineering, aerospace, marine, railways, energy, and other applications.

FBGs are reliable all-fiber optical components which are used for making accurate and reliable temperature, strain and other measurements for over two decades. However, due to previous technical limitations, many commercial grade applications could not be properly addressed. A particular challenge existed with FBG Monitoring Instruments that needed to exhibit both (1) low-cost and (2) a level of reliability and ruggedization that meet or exceed the requirements of industrial and commercial customers worldwide. The new generation of MX interrogators are dedicated to fill this industry need and are now readily available for deployment.

Three highlights of the company’s New MX family of interrogators:

  1. Top reliability solid-state design based on true integrated chip tunable laser that uses no movable parts, no tunable filters, and no switches.
  2. Available in 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32 parallel channel configurations.
  3. Low-cost architecture which scales well for even lower prices with volume.

Andrei Csipkes, President and CEO of FEMTO SENSING INTERNATIONAL commented that “The new MX family of optical sensing instruments addresses a growing market need for budget-sensitive solutions which are rugged, reliable, and which exhibit the accuracy, repeatability, and precision required for standard measurements using Fiber Bragg Grating based sensors”.

We look forward to serving our customers and their applications worldwide with the new MX family of budget-priced interrogators, which aim to complement our FAZT IX (I4G, I4W, I4-16, and I4-16W) family of premium performance interrogators, the “Gold Standard” when ultimate precision and repeatability measurements are required”.

FEMTO SENSING INTERNATIONAL provides premium performance and reliability FBG Monitoring Instruments and a family of rugged and field proven budget-priced Interrogators. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, USA, with Applications Engineering and Software Support in USA, Canada, Sweden, Japan, and China, and Instruments Manufacturing in USA and China. (

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