The PICOSENSE configuration and monitoring software is used for optical sensors setup and measurement. The configuration operates with any instrument that belongs to Femto Sensing International’s MX family of optical sensing interrogators. Once saved, the MX interrogators automatically apply that configuration on power up. Multiple configuration files can be saved on the same PC and can be readily accessed for different field applications, as needed.

The PICOSENSE software is used extensively in conjunction with our family of rugged MX platform interrogators for various sensors including those used in civil engineering, geotechnical, marine, railways, roads, energy, industrial, security, medical, and many other commercial applications.

Designed in the .NET environment with ease of use in mind, the PICOSENSE software is also used for data analysis during optical sensors design, development, manufacturing, and installation. An API Support package is available for easily integrating the MX interrogators into larger monitoring, data analysis, and control systems.


Enables immediate access to accurate and repeatable measurements: The PICOSENSE software quickly and intuitively configures our MX platform based interrogators to return accurate measurements across the instruments’ available wavelength range of 40nm. Using built-in calibration technology, the MX instruments feature +/- 2pm repeatability, +/-10pm accuracy, and 25dB dynamic range with automatic gain and threshold control adjustments. Manual settings option for thresholds and gain stages is also included.

A focus on FBG based sensors: The PICOSENSE software offers access to the complete range of configuration options for the entire family of available MX interrogators. It offers system integrators full flexibility to optimize their FBG sensors and FBG sensors arrays for the specific needs of each application. The sensors can be monitored and their data can be saved in Full Spectrum Mode, Peaks Mode, and Sensors Mode. Sensor formulas can include one or more FBG peaks per sensor as required, for example, for self-temperature compensated strain sensors. The data can be displayed and saved locally, or it can be saved to any specified URL address. PICOSENSE allows the user to quickly adapt the instruments performance parameters to fit many different sensor configurations.

Field Proven and FREE: The PICOSENSE software is used by customers worldwide and comes FREE with each MX interrogator.