FSI S1 Static and Dynamic Interrogators



The S1 optical sensing instrument is an economic commercial grade interrogator, featuring 1 monitoring channel. This Class 1 Laser instrument is enclosed in a field deployable enclosure, and can be operated in full spectrum and in sensor peak detection modes. The S1 is available in both static (1Hz scan rate) or dynamic (5000Hz scan rate) models, and provides measurements of up to 30 Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) based sensors on its 1 channel.

The rugged technology platform on which our SX interrogators pare based is used extensively in civil engineering, geotechnical, roads, mines, energy, industrial, medical, and many other commercial applications. The economy static model is specifically useful for monitoring temperatures and the slow changes of strains, tilt or inclination, pressure, and other engineering parameters, while the dynamic model us useful for monitoring vibrations, accelerations and other fast changing parameters. The platform is also suitable for process control, material qualification labs, and R&D programs. The industrial grade design scales well for volume production.


Resolution, accuracy and dynamic range: The S1 Interrogator provides measurements across its wavelength scanning range of 80nm. The instrument features 1pm resolution and +/- 12pm accuracy over the entire operating temperature of the instrument, and 30dB dynamic range with automatic control adjustments. Manual settings option for thresholds and gain stages also included.

Excellent reliability: The S1 Interrogator is based on a solid-state IEC 60825-1 Class 1 laser platform that has been deployed in large volume in various field applications worldwide. The interrogator has no tunable filters. Excellent reliability over the standard operating temperature range of -5C to +50C. The S1 is suitable for use as an integral part of a very rugged and reliable sensing system.

Adaptive to more types of sensors: The integrated electronics, depolarized light source, static and dynamic configurations, and embedded software allow the user to quickly adapt the instrument’s performance parameters to fit many different sensor configurations. Designed to monitor many types of sensors from narrow bandwidth (200pm) FBGs used in temperature, strain, displacement, tilt and pressure sensors, to wide bandwidth (3.0nm) FBGs used in bio-sensing. Hardware implementation of peak tracking algorithms for FBG sensors included.

Low Cost and High Quality: The S1 Interrogator addresses applications demanding the lowest cost while maintaining the reliability of a high quality instrument and 80nm of scanning range.