Femto Sensing and Fugro announce MFG & Sales Agreement

Femto Sensing International
Releases Its New Website
September 19, 2018

FEMTO SENSING INTERNATIONAL (FSI) has licensed a new family of industrial grade premium performance and reliability optical sensing instruments based on FUGRO patented technologies for serving civil and geotechnical engineering, aerospace, marine, railways, energy, industrial and other applications.

The first product is the flagship FAZT-I4G FBG Interrogator. It is the ultimate precision and repeatability instrument in the global market. Other world-leading FUGRO patented Optical Sensing Instrument designs included in the Manufacturing and Sales Agreement between the two companies include the FAZT-I4-16 sixteen channel ultimate precision interrogator, the M64S4 sixty-four channels expansion module, and other advanced instrument technologies under development, all of which shall be gradually released by FEMTO SENSING INTERNATIONAL over the coming months and years as the company absorbs each new corresponding FUGRO licensed technology and ramps-up its manufacturing, test and calibration, and support capabilities for each new instrument model.

Andrei Csipkes, Chief Executive Officer of FEMTO SENSING INTERNATIONAL commented that “The cooperation between FUGRO and FSI is widening the field for the deployment of optical sensing solutions. Our team of experienced engineers is making efforts to accelerate the rate at which we can absorb the newly licensed instruments patents and designs from FUGRO and to ramp-up our volume manufacturing capabilities in preparation for serving the expanding markets that will be addressed with this new portfolio of premium grade FBG Monitoring Instruments”.

“FSI’s strategic alliance with FUGRO focuses on diligently developing and releasing top performance and reliability Optical Sensing Instruments. FUGRO’s system level measurements experience in the real world and its FAZ Technology portfolio of state-of-the-art patented instruments is now aligned with FSI’s proven supply chain management and manufacturing technology to benefit customers worldwide” stated Martin Farnan, Vice-President of FAZ Technology Engineering at Fugro.

FUGRO is the world leading provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions. These are critical to the sustainable development of natural resources and sustainable construction and operation of large facilities and infrastructure.FUGRO is headquartered in The Netherlands and has facilities and operations worldwide (www.fugro.com). Its FAZ Technology Optical Sensing R&D Center is in Dublin, Ireland (www.faztechnology.com).

FEMTO SENSING INTERNATIONAL provides premium performance and reliability FBG Monitoring Instruments. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, USA, with Applications Engineering and Software Support in Sweden, and Instruments Manufacturing in Singapore (femtosensing.com).

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