Commercial Transportation


Aerospace development centers around the world were among the early adopters of FBG technology as they recognized inherent benefits such as the ability to multiplex many FBGs in one array, making long fiber runs without the need for amplification or electricity, and the ability to surface mount or directly embed the FBG sensors into their structures with no risk of interference with any of the existing electronics based avionics. With the arrival of hermetically sealed gold coated FBG sensors and arrays, the adoption of optical sensing technology in aerospace is bound to accelerate.

Railway systems benefit from FBGs for monitoring key operating parameters as well: aside from monitoring the structural integrity of trains and critical equipment on-board, FBG sensors installed on trains reliably detect problems with the rails they run on and, vice versa, FBG sensors deployed on rails can determine the state of health and need of repair for the trains running on them.

The marine industry’s large cargo ships, oil, LNG, and other tankers, as well as specialty vessels for military and exploration purposes, all benefit from the reliable structural and engine room health monitoring capabilities enabled by optical sensing technology.

Relevant products:

FAZT I4G for ultimate precision and repeatability on 4 parallel channels

FAZT I4W for cost sensitive applications on 4 parallel channels

FAZT I4-16 for ultimate precision and repeatability on 16 parallel channels

FAZT I4-16W for cost sensitive applications on 16 parallel channels

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